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SOFI CDT Cohort posters providing a summary of their recent research

Cohort 1
Ben Robertson:
Molecular modelling of complex polymer process flows.
Ethan Miller:Specific cholestrol depletion through membrane-substrate interactions
Denise Li:Humectants: Their Influence on the Structure and Thermotropic Behaviour of Phospholipids found in Dermatological Formulations.Jon Millican:Bio-inspired Functional Adhesive Polymers
Alessandro Gulotta:Solvency effects on biopolymer interactions in pectin gelsPapoole Valadbaigi:Generation of Ultra-stable Microbubbles for Industrial Applications.
Michael Heeran:Additive Interactions in Passenger Car Motor Oil formulations.Rahul Chacko:Vorticity Banding in Dense Suspensions.
Jake McClements:A closer look at the polymer/carbon interface.Edgar Simmons:Structure, dynamics and mechanics of glass-forming polymers.
Dan Taylor:How bacteria grow and interactin controlled emulsion micro-environments.Axa Pineiro-RomeroDrying of agrochemical droplets on a model surface: co-localization of adjuvant and active ingredient.
Laura SawiakMixing Time, Inversion and Multiple Emulsion Formation in a Limonene and Water Pickering Emulsion.Daniel CowardOrganometallic Mediated Radical Polymerisation of Vinyl Monomers with Iron.
Cohort 2
Natasha BouldingPolymers for Solid Dispersion.Jess AndrewsGel-phase crystallisation of pharmaceuticals
Rebecca FongSmall Molecular Migration in Thin PVA FilmsVishal MakwanaThermal, structural and Degradation Properties of an Aromatic-Aliphatic Polyester Built Through ROP
Will FosterOrganisation of Water and Alcohol Mixtures at the Interface with SolidsPeter WyattGrating Aligned Ferroelecric Liquid Crystals and their use in Fast Switching Displays
Morfo ZembylaStabalization of Water-in-Oil Emulsions using Food Grade MaterialsJack LawFluids on a Sphere
Vanessa WoodhouseSimulation & Experimental Analysis of the Structure & Antimacrobial Activity of Linear PeptoidsPhil BuckleyThe Nucleation of Quartz Under Ambient Conditions: A Microemulsion Approach to Crystallisation.
Joseph FrenchThe Impact of Surface Hydrophobiaty on Adhering BacteriaHugh BarlowInstabilities in Shear Thinning Channel Flows
Tom RidleyComputer Simulations of Packed Soft Colloids.Scott BushLiquid-phase exfoliation of graphite.
James RichardsFriction and adhesionin suspension rheology by constraint counting.
Cohort 3
Yujie JiangA model granular suspension in yield-stress fluidNatasha RigbyStimuli-Responsive Lipogel Capsules
Daniel DayPreparation Of Block Copolymers for Self-Assembly in Selective SolventsRashmi SeneviratneMaterial properties of hybrid lipid co-block polymer vesicles
Andrew ChristyModelling Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation.David CrosbyStabilisation of Emulsion-Filled Gels using Surface Active Polymers.
Alvin ShekModelling Capillary Bridges on Liquid-Infused Surfaces.Philip HopeMacromolecular Assembly of π-Embedded Synthetic Polypeptides.
Kasid KhanTargeting the Redox Activity of Biofilms.Sophie AyscoughMechanosensitive Ion Channels as Membrane Tension Sensors in Bacteria.
Cohort 4James HawkinsTemparature Dependence of Cellulose Dissolution in Ionic Liquid
Lorenzo MetilliState of the Art and New Developments in Fats Crystallization.
Cohort 5
Merin JosephLucas Le Nagard
Quasicrystals in Soft MatterBacteria encapsulated in lipid vesicles: A route towards living composites
Adele ParryLloyd Shaw
Designing a Low-Cost System for The Screening of Bacterial ToxinsThe Selective Functionalisation of Myrcene Containing Polymers