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Student Publications and Papers

Student Publications & Papers

Cohort 1

Poly (styrene-co-butadiene) random copolymer thin films and nanostructures on a mica surface: morphology and contact angles on nanodroplets. McClements, J.; Buffone, C.; Shaver, M.P.; Sefiane.K.; Koutsos, V. Soft Matter2017.

Morphology of Poly (styrene-co-butadiene) Random Copolymer Thin Films and Nanostructures on a Graphite Surface. Mclements, J.; Shaver, M.P.; Sefiane, K.; Koutsos, V. Langmuir, 2018.

Ionic liquid mediated surface micropatterning of polymer blends. Lasseuguette, E.; McClements, J.;Koutsos, V.; Schäfer,T.; Ferrari, M.C. Journal of Applied Polymer Science2017.

Theoretical prediction and experimental measurement of isothermal extrudate swell of monodisperse and bidisperse polystyrenes. Robertson,B.; Thompson, R.L.; McLeish, T.C.B.; Robinson, I. Journal Of Rheology 61, 931, 2017.

Organometallic-Medicated Radical Polymerization in Metal-Catalyzed Polymerization: Fundamentals to Applications. Coward, D.L.;Lake, B.R.M.; Shaver, M.P. CRC Press, 179-202, 2017.

Understanding Organometallic Mediated Radical Polymerization with an Iron(II) Amine-Bis(Phenolate). Coward, D.L.; Lake,B.R.M.; Shaver, M.P. Organometallics, 36 (17), 3322 – 3328, 2017.

Resolution Imaging wit hAmplitudemodulation Atomic Force Microscopy in Liquid. Miller, E.J.;Treby,W.;Farokh Payam, A.;Piantanida,L.;Cafolla,C.;Voitchovsky,K. J.Vis.Exp ,118, e54924, 2016.

My first electron density map: A beginner’s guide to small angle x-ray diffraction. Li, N.Y.;Perutkova, S;Iglic,A.;Rappolt, M.Electrotehniski Vestnik, 84(3), 69-75, 2017.

Thermal, structural and degradation properties of an aromatic-aliphatic polyester built through ring-opening polymerisation Lizundia,E.;Makwana,V.A.;Larranaga,A.;Vilasbe,J.L.;Shaver,M.P. Polym. Chem., 8,3530-3538, 2017.

Shear Reversal in Dense Suspensions: The Challenge to Fabric Evolution Models from Simulation Data Chacko,R.M.;Romain, M.; Fielding,S.M.;Cates,M.E.

Mixing Time, Inversion and Multiple Emulsion Formation in a Limonene and Water Pickering Emulsion Sawiak, L.; Bailes, K.; Harbottle, D.; Clegg, P.S. Frontiers in Chemistry, 2018.

Cohort 2

Nucleation on a sphere: the roles of currative, confinement and ensemble. Law, J.O.; Wong, A.G.; Kusumaatmaja, H.; Miller,M.A. Molecular Physics, 2018

Dynamic Morphologies and Stability of Droplet Interface Bilayers. Guiselin,B.; Law, J.O.;Chakrabarti, B.; Kusumaatmaja,H. Physical Reveiw Letters, 120, 238001, 2018

Nucleation of Quartz under Ambient Conditions. Buckley, P.;Hargreaves.N.; Cooper.S. Communications Chemistry, vol 1, article number 49, 2018

Cohort 3

A reconstitution method for integral membrane proteinsin hybrid lipid-polymer vesicles for enhanced functional durability. Seneviratne, R.; Khan,S.;Moscrop, E.; Rappolt,M.; Muench,S.P.; Jeuken, L.J.C.; Beales, P.A. Science Direct2018